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Re: New audio torrent rule, no remasters unless by specific permission

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
We fucking discourage digital NR, period. With malice and great prejudice. Know that.

As far as 320k MP3 sounding ok, sure they do. The problem comes when someone tries to encode them to some other lossy format to fit their needs. You can do that with a lossless file and it sounds fine for portable usage. Do it with a 320k MP3 and it sounds like glass being juggled underwater.
We don't like aliasing artifacts, so we don't allow MP3 at TTD. Four million other sites do.
MP3 is outside the scope of this thread, though.

What we are basically saying, is we will pull a shitty "remaster" if we determine the remaster to be shitty. Our criteria for "remasters" is subjective and inconsistent as hell, so if you don't want to subject your killer EQ job to our wishy-washy merit judgement, simply seed the thing without "remastering" it

Seeding raw (or mostly raw) sources is more along the lines of what TTD is here for... So - if you have a super kick ass tape of some show that Bertha remastered and you think it's awesome, seed it. See what happens. if you don't want to worry about what we'll think, seed the source, as unmolested as possible.

Tell him what you really think J.
" Your tin cup and string "recorder" is worse than a Zoom, which is saying a lot".

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