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Re: New audio torrent rule, no remasters unless by specific permission

I appreciate your efforts on running a quality site. no, I'd never suggest going through every second of every show, but if it's listed in the lineage or is obvious, in the pursuit of quality a raw version could be requested. I'm sure most of us have come across shows which have been noise reduced with that shitty CEP NR which leaves all kinds of artifacts (and we've never been able to find better), or shows which have been bricked to boring flatness....and in many cases the owners have every intention to improve the show, but they lack training.

Maybe it came off as though I was asking you to weed out every possible application of bad post-processing, but that wasn't my intention. All too often on these sites, we've seen an elitism from staff and others with regards to post-processing, and vehement defense of an owner to post-process however he sees fit and circulate a clearly inferior version. If someone begs to differ with an owner's choice of post-processing, they're told that they are making outlandish, ridiculous demands of the owner, and being unappreciative, and daring to question someone else's generosity. if they don't like it, make their own, mind their own business, don't download it blah, blah blah. but it's good to see that the tide is turning.
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