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Re: Conversion of 24-bit FLAC to AIFF and vice versa?

Originally Posted by GRC View Post
OK, I already have it installed, and the Help says;

"How do I convert my audio files to another format?
Load tracks you want to convert into a playlist, right click, choose 'Convert' from the context menu, click one of sub-options. Converting functionality requires the Converter component to be installed ('Optional Features → Tools → Converter' during installation). First time you convert to some format, you will be asked for a location of a commandline encoder executable required to encode to that format (unless relevant executable can be found in your standard paths or in foobar2000 application directory). Commandline encoders for most audio formats can be found on RareWares."

I don't recall installing any converters at first, and when I load some files into a playlist, and right-click, I don't have a 'Convert' option.

Is it merely a case of finding a converter from Rarewares and placing it in the Foobar directory, or do I need to uninstall and reinstall?
you've dragged and dropped your flacs or aiffs into the foobar player and aren't seeing a 'convert' option when right you right-click?

can you see the files in foobar, and play them? if so you should be able to right click and see the convert option.

aiff is natively supported by foobar, so it doesn't need a commandline encoder. for flac, the first time you choose convert foobar will ask for the location of flac.exe. if you have TLH installed, go to C:\Program Files\Trader's Little Helper\CmdlineApps and you'll see it there. flac level 8 will give the smallest file size. choose no processing, choose output folder, then convert.

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