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Re: New audio torrent rule, no remasters unless by specific permission

agree completely, but it'd be pretty much impossible to police to the full extent...take yer "owner of old uncirculated cassettes" scenario -- who's to say what he/she did to the transfers IF he/she doesn't divulge the information...for all we would know, thats how the cassette sounds raw...sure there's obvious giveaways when it comes to really heavy handed processing, but other things are not quite so easy to spot, especially when yer dealing with the number of recordings u/l'ed at this site and the time it would take for our mods to go through ever second of every recording seeded...keep in mind, we're unpaid folks with real lives/jobs/families/etc, not forensic audio specialists making $2K per hour of analyzed audio -- get my drift when i say its impossible to police completely?

i'll leave it up to the ABT mods to clarify further, but i'm guessing anything thats been obviously messed with will be called out and pulled

we do strive for quality here, and although it'll never reach the level some of us would like to see, i think it far exceeds most other trackers of our size and diversity of content...and we have continued to update our standards as time and technology least we're weeding out some of the mud, right? appreciate yer input
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