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Re: New audio torrent rule, no remasters unless by specific permission

it can be hard to determine who taped what, especially from years past, which is why I used 'owner'. surely you can imagine a scenario where someone inherits a box of uncirced tapes, claims he taped it, then proceeds to do as he pleases, and then refuses to share anything but his brickwalled/watermarked reworking of the raw transfer that he did.

don't get me wrong, this is a nice new rule. it prevents muddying of the trade pool, and makes searching for the best sounding remaster or raw version much easier. but it only prevents the much less annoying bedroom remasterer (who obtains his commonly-circulating shows by downloading or trade) from circulating his version. i can just ignore his remaster, and download the raw version. however, if the owner of uncirced shows (whether it's a taper/transferrer/editor/author/remasterer/vandal or some combination thereof) botches up a bunch of shows and never shares a "tastefully massaged" or raw version, that's all you get.

the site's mission is either quality or it isn't. if it's all about the will of the owner of the show to do whatever he wants, then quality is taking a back seat. I understand that you'd rather have a multiband compressed/limited show circulate than none at all. but why doesn't this apply to mp3 then as well? wouldn't you rather have a 320k or VO mp3 encoding of a show than none at all? a high bitrate mp3 of a raw transfer would mop the floor with a multiband compressed, 0.100 db of total dynamic range, & watermarked lossless version. most if not all can't tell a high bitrate mp3 from lossless in a double blind test, yet everyone can hear the difference between a raw version and a bad remaster. quality should not only be defined by lack of lossy data compression, quality should be defined by skillful or no post processing, especially since post processing can have an even greater detrimental effect on sound quality than lossy data compression. a little long winded, but you wanted discussion and opinions....i don't have delusions that this post will solve or change anything.
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