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Re: Hungercity?

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It seems to me that Hunger City needs a transfusion. Certain staffers have not returned to active duty. The logged in members role call has dwindled, and there appears to be a shortage of new content.
UPDATE: Certain staffers have gone AWOL, and have been replaced with new people. The site has quickly become mostly a Bob Dylan tracker.

In the words of one of the "founders" at HungerCity, "Dylan influences come as much from Duke Ellington as from Frank Sinatra... and of course all the pop music in this world is now related to Bob...isn't it?"

If you are looking for the wide variety of exceptional music HC once offered, you will be disappointed. If you are content to listen to, and collect only Bob Dylan. Hunger City is the place for you.
"Anyone that likes Bob Wills' music is bound to have some good in them."
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