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Re: New audio torrent rule, no remasters unless by specific permission

Originally Posted by jabulon View Post
May be you should remove the matrix option in the type of show section of the Upload Audio Show page (
Uh, no, I don't think so. A "matrix" as it is referred to is a blend of two sources (sbd/aud, or even two complementary aud sources...) and that's much different than taking a single source and eq-ing and processing that single file to make your re-bastardization - I mean remaster...

I think I know what incident prompted this rule. I don't think it will be a widespread draconian rule to ban some "legacy" remasters that circulate, and I hope that in some cases that new remasters of things from bootleg labels on silvers that come out with flaws would still be good (depending on who's doing them I guess). As stated earlier, it is to stop people from being jerkoffs about taking some fresh recording that just went up and altering it to allow the undeserving dick to re-post it and take credit where it isn't due.

It kind of sucks to HAVE to make a rule like that, just to keep away the goofs that take advantage. I'm hoping that if someone genuinely has corrected major flaws (speed corrections, gaps patched, blends with alternate sources, etc.) will be given proper consideration.

In other words, this "rule" should be applied with a light touch...
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