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Re: vinyl to flac?

You've completely got the right idea here. A couple small notes, the impedence of a turntable is different from a cassette deck, so you'll need some kind of preamp for it. Perhaps the "phono" setting on your amp and take the lineout from there to your soundcard. When you go to fix "pops and clicks" using CEP avoid running a noise reduction algorithm on each entire side--instead find each individual pop and fix using Effects > Noise Reduction > Click and pop removal > Fill single click now. I know this is laborious but when you run a pop remover on an entire file it will remove a lot of the transients and dull the sound. Seeing as your vinyl is in great shape you should be able to eliminate the big pops one at a time and preserve more of the natural sound of the lps. I can post some screenshots to show you more specifically how to fill individual pops in the next couple days if you like.
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