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vinyl to flac?

hey all,
I've been reading the threads on master casettes to flac with interest. I've got a pile of vinyl boots and I'd like to make them available. Can I assume that I should follow the advice given for tape to flac since both are analog sources?

The vinyl is in great shape & I can use Cool Edit Pro 2.0 to clean it up if I have to.

From reading everything I think my work goes like this:

Make a clean digital copy of the vinyl, one large wave file for each disk side.
Analog direct into soundcard too noisy, buy or borrow a dat deck.
Get wav files into the computer.
Use Cool edit pro 2.0 to check dc offsets, correct if needed. Cool edit pro 2.0
Pop Click removal if needed.
Use cdwav to index wav file into individual tracks.

What do I have wrong or what am I missing?
Thanks for the help.

Once I get that far I'll read up on how to set it up properly as an upload

Oh yeah,
I want to start with a 1984 double lp of Los Lobos as soon as I figure out if it's a real bootleg or not. It's titled "Anselma is alive and well tonight" on the cover and "and now los lobos and the time to dance" on the spine. There is no text on the disk lablels just images.

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