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Re: New audio torrent rule, no remasters unless by specific permission

Drgiggles1 and Ghostwheel, yes, those would still be covered by this rule. You can apply for an exception by the ABT mods. While these will not be common, they will be granted when felt appropriate. And Ghostwheel, working with the raw recording master, yours is more-or-less like a new transfer...similar, but not the same. Noted a such in the torrent, it should likely be OK.

cicada, we've been knocking around on this rule for over a year now. So it's not really based on anything recent, although a few certain people did help bring it about.

Archive625, we feel it is neither busy work nor a waste of time. As stated in the FAQ, we feel TTD is about quality, not quantity, and we fashion the rules to reflect that belief. Members are free to upload or download all the remasters they like, just not here. They are allowed at a number of other sites (most of which do have ratio requirements).
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