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Re: FLAC Frontend

Originally Posted by dacrawdaddy
"If you have mkwAct installed, then right click on the folder you want to make the MD5 for and you'll see the option "Generate MD5 signatures". The MD5 will generate checksums for everything in the folder..."
But the problem with that (if I read the FAQ correctly) is that mkwAct generates a "wholefile" md5, which isn't as good (or accepted) here on TTD.
"Note: Wholefile md5 checksums are the type generated by programs such as mdsum, mkwact, and others. Please read on to understand why these are forbidden as the primary form of file verificaton at The Traders' Den."

You might want to start getting away from mkwAct in any case as it has known issues in XP. I can't use it on mine with much reliability...If I need to do anything with mkwAct I have a 98SE system I move things to.

...the topic of how much longer will SHN be around could be a completely different thread...
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