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Re: converting dts cds to regular audio cds??

Also try an easier method

or you can transcode .dts files in foobar player
Like I said, here are some examples for transcoding dts files with foobar2000. First, grab the latest fb2k release here. Just one note before to begin : don't forget to check Optional Components during installation otherwhise you can't make these steps correctly.
Example of conversion (Just select wav instead of AAC)
* DTS to AAC :

For information, fb2k_special version provides natively the FAAC support.
1. Load the player and add your dts file with Playlist --> Add file Menu (or drag it & drop it directly into the playlist).
2. Then go to Foobar2000 --> Preferences --> DiskWriter.
3. In the Output Directory, check "Same as source file directory".
4. In the Output Presets, search FAAC : MP4(LC),quality 100...from the list and click on "Edit" button to modify or change the preset. There you can choose quality/bitrate Mode...

5. Then if you want to keep the 6_channels for the output file, go directly to number 8. ...else if you want to downmix (i.e 6 channels to 2 channels) then read the next items.
6. In the Processing part, check "Use DSP" and click on "go to DSP Settings" button.
7. There, you can choose one or more DSP. By example to make a downmix, you must put the "Convert 5.1 to Stereo" on the left.
8. If all it's ok, then ckick on "Save all" and "Close". To launch the process : a right click on the file following by Convert --> Run Conversion. The select file writer appears. So, click on OK and wait.
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