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Re: converting dts cds to regular audio cds??

Originally Posted by pwwright74
Hello guys,

First of all, this is a very nice site. Great downloads! I'm fairly new here, and this is my first posting.

I recently got a hold of a DTS encoded CD, but I have no way of playing DTS. Is there a way of converting DTS to a regular audio CD format? Is there a codec or plugin available? I have Nero, but it wouldn't recognize the image file (of the DTS CD when I attempted to convert via Nero) or the individual CDA files in the image. If you have any advice I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks.

Paul and go to there forums there.
Here is a post from their forums
(Oops, I seen afterwards Kempfand's reply to the same answer, d**n and it took me awhile to figure out, oh well here is another place you can find it Grin )

Here is a really easy (console) method of converting .dts and DTSwav to stereo, or decode them to a 5.1wav which you can open with Adobe Audition and then save to separate mono wavs


Another note: When converting/transcoding from either .dts or DTSwav you must realize that there is some loss in quality due to DTS endoding (compression).

Download dtsdec.exe here -->

Or go to the main page, and download and compile from the source code available here -->

I'm not sure now (since I had VLC previously install), but if it doesn't work you will probably need to install VLC media player ( which will install the support libraries necessary for it to work.

For decoding of .dts or DTSWav to stereo (wav) use the following cmdline:

dtsdec -o wav > destinantion.wav DTSsource.wav


dtsdec -o wav > destinantion.wav source.dts

Check the stereo wav's samplerate afterwards, a .dts source will likely give you a 48KHz stereo wav which you'll need to resample to 44.1KHz (Any good audio editor should do this) I tested it and found that it outputs a 16 bit stereo wav.

For decoding of .dts or DTSWav to 5.1wav (to get 6 mono wavs) use the following cmdline (note: the LFE channel will not be decoded correctly):

dtsdec -o wavall > destinantion.wav DTSsource.wav


dtsdec -o wavall > destinantion.wav source.dts


dtsdec -o wav6 > destinantion.wav DTSsource.wav


dtsdec -o wav6 > destinantion.wav source.dts

Open the 5.1wav with Adobe Audition and save each individual mono wav separately. I tested this, and found that it outputs a 32 bit wav.

Again, converting from a .dts source will produce 48KHz output wav(s) which need to be resampled to 44.1KHz.

Use this excellent (free) wav sample converter (R8Brain) to convert 16/32 bit wavs

BTW while you are using dtsdec, you can easily play a .dts or DTSwav simply by entering:

dtsdec DTSsource.wav


dtsdec source.dts

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

There is another method converting/transcoding .dts files into 6 mono wav files which does not use dtsdec (the old way), and will decode the LFE properly, as per EoH's guide:

"Rip and re-use DTS streams from DVD or DTS-cd’s (see METHOD 2)"

So here is what tools you need:

BeSweet.dll v1.5b17 (or higher)
InterVideo WinDVD v4.0 installed
SurCode DTS CDPro v1.9.0 installed (almost forgot about this Grin)

I'm not sure having the specific ver of WinDVD v4.0 for this process, but I know its the only ver which works for me with GraphEdit so that's why I say v4.0 specifically.

You can download most these files here:

Found a link for filter -->

Install these in a directory your .dts file(s) you want to transcode to mono wavs

I have '' sitting in my Windows\system 32\ directory

If you don't have '' registered on your system, you need to either drop it onto Regdrop, or use the cmdline method:


Ok once that is all out of the way just use the following cmd (or make a batch file, and rename all your dts source files to that used by the batch file when you run it)

azidts -autoch -core( -input Source.dts -6ch -output "temp-" ) -ota( -fs 48000 ) -ssrc( --rate 44100 )

This will create 6 mono wavs with the 'temp-' prefix, and also down sample from 48000 Hz to 41000 Hz from a .dts file called 'Source.dts'

There are other variation of to this cmd line (i.e. gain etc.) if you want to try them tailored to your needs.
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