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Unhappy Re: zappateers

Originally Posted by ejciii View Post
zappateers back to normal but lots of stuff after january 2011 lost, what a shame.
Not yet, sadly.

There's still some malware left trying to bully you into running a fake virus scan - DON'T!!!.
This time it's also dropping a file called "pack.exe" into your normal download folder. Don't run it or you will be spending ages rebuilding your system.
Just for fun, I scanned it with two different current anti virus programs & both reported it safe.
Whatever it is, it must be new & hot off the presses if the antivirus companies haven't caught up with it yet. A total pain in the ****.

I hope these morons sleep easily at night. Perhaps one day they'll get a life instead of trying to ruin those of other people.

This is a cut & paste from notepad as the malware is jumping on me at the second page of Zappateers, so sorry if there's some junk or typos.

I'm also running on backup as my motherboard fried.

It's been that kind of week
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