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Re: Video Seeding Guidelines

Originally Posted by mxz440fan
The reason I won't seed at EZT is because theres no community. I'm a firm believer in the community approach, as I feel the only reason contemporary bands allow DVD Trading is because of the communities that spawn from it. EZT is actively trying to destroy the community, and that sort of pisses me off.
I don't particularly see where EZT is trying to destroy anything. They have a large amount of active seeders, but are overwhelmed with trying to do quality control. I see plenty of community interaction in the comments left with the seed announcements. I'm sure there's lots of PM's exchanged as well. It's likely that some people who download and upload at EZT will get together in other forums, just like they do here.

TTD has a Mission Statement. EZT doesn't. That's the basic difference.

How is EZT trying to destroy their community ?
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