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Re: Hungercity?

Found some info here:,1422820,1424458

Like previously stated, some really wacky videos there. Did anyone catch the Dinah Shore Show compilation?

Dinah! (Shore Show):Portal To Hell

01-William Shatner- Taxi
02-William Shatner- How to Handle a Woman
03-Dick Clark- Bye Bye Blackbird
04-Terry Bradshaw- I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
05-Chevy Chase-
06-Jeff Bridges- Give Her Up
07-Jeff Bridges- Believe Me
08-Terry Bradshaw- Another Country song
09-Chad Everett- Live At Your Love(??)
10-Herve Villechaize- This is All I Ask
11-Chuck Woolery- I Write The Songs
12-Telly Savalas- If
13-Tony Clifton- On the Street Where You Live
14-David Carradine- This Land Is Your Land
15-Burt Reynolds- Ain't Misbehavin'
16-Gavin Macleod & Robert Blake-
17-Robert Urich- There Goes The Ballgame
18-Bea Arthur-Can't Help Lovin Dat Man
19-Don Meredith-Engine Engine #9
20-Laverne & Shirley-
21-John Travolta- Let Her In
22-Cybil Shephard-


23-Siskel & Ebert
24-Orson Welles
25-Zsa Zsa Gabor
26-James Brown
27-Sly Stone
28-Richard Pryor

Pretty entertaining
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