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Re: Help with unreadable DVDs

Well, I've done data recovery before, even on a disk that had hte file system removed. Of course, your OS needs to be able to see the data before anything can be done to do a blind-read of the bitstream. I've tried 4 different data and defective DVD recovery tools, and none of them even see it as a disc. I put it in the drive, the mouse cursor turns into the little disc hangs up the computer for a short while (15 seconds, long time), and then goes back to saying the drive is blank. No program has even been able to successfully tell me there's a disc in the drive, much less start trying to read that data.

Interestingly enough, when I reboot the computer, it gets to the part where it tries to boot from a CD, and it just hangs there....until I pop open the DVD tray. As soon as this one disc is not in the drive anymore, it moves on to finishing the bootup. All of my other DVDs work fine.

I'm giving up for tonight...I really hope that I'll be able to at least rescue this disc...I have a few remastered projects on here that represent many hours of work.

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