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Re: Making a matrix?

Originally Posted by Audioarchivist View Post
Well, if both sources are incomplete anyway, the "matrix" part will only be for where both sources overlap, right?

Are they analog sources, or digital? Analog (tape based, etc.) are notorious for speeds drifting, making phasing and flanging that are very time consuming to properly time match. I mean, we're talking hundreds of small edits per minute done manually to make them synchronized right - maybe. If they're analog, I'd just patch one with the other, but I'd crossfade the edits rather than have them cut hard from source A to source B.

I've always used Cubase VST5.1 for any multi-source mixing I've done - not because it's better than anything else, but it's what I trained on and am most familiar with. Adobe Audition (Cool Edit Pro) can do it too I think. Vegas? Protools? Will the freebie Audacity work for it?

Maybe consider doing the crossfaded patch idea, and also releasing both sources at the same time by themselves? Just a thought...
They're both digital sources. One of which is complete, and one of which is incomplete. I'll check out Cubase, but I don't have a lot of money to spare at the moment. Doing a crossfaded patch sounds much more fit to my abilities though.

Originally Posted by co9ol View Post
what Audioarchivist said!

Audacity isn't all that bad... but there are better programs out there that you can get your hands on. I use Protools and it works quite well for matrixing but that is also what I was trained on. I also know a lot of people that use Cubase and Adobie Audition. If you don't do it for this matrix, I'd look in to downloading some free trials and checking them out.
Audacity is great for most peoples needs but I've found that Protools makes this stuff 10x easier (once you get to know the program)
I've used Audition before and I loved it!! I used it back a few years ago for re mastering some tapes and it took out all of the hissing and humming really easy. I've also heard a lot of good things about Protools, so I might consider getting a trial of that once I free up some hard drive space.
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