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Re: Making a matrix?

Originally Posted by PG1Tapes View Post
What program would you recommend that I use? At the moment, all I really have is Audacity, and I use Kristal Audio Engine sometimes as well. But if you have a better idea, please tell me.

Also, could I just patch in the other source where my source cuts out? Or would that sound bad?
Well, if both sources are incomplete anyway, the "matrix" part will only be for where both sources overlap, right?

Are they analog sources, or digital? Analog (tape based, etc.) are notorious for speeds drifting, making phasing and flanging that are very time consuming to properly time match. I mean, we're talking hundreds of small edits per minute done manually to make them synchronized right - maybe. If they're analog, I'd just patch one with the other, but I'd crossfade the edits rather than have them cut hard from source A to source B.

I've always used Cubase VST5.1 for any multi-source mixing I've done - not because it's better than anything else, but it's what I trained on and am most familiar with. Adobe Audition (Cool Edit Pro) can do it too I think. Vegas? Protools? Will the freebie Audacity work for it?

Maybe consider doing the crossfaded patch idea, and also releasing both sources at the same time by themselves? Just a thought...
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