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Re: Help with unreadable DVDs

Try different discs that you have. I'm sure you've tried this, but figured I'd throw it out there.

If NONE of your discs work, it's probably the drive.

If you're using XP, go to your control panel, and then into System. Hardware tab > Device Manager > then find your DVD player in the list. Right click on the icon and select properties. Thing should say that the device is working properly.

Note that this is the generic Microsoft answer to anything, and I've never seen it "work" or find the exact problem.

Another thing: turn off your computer completely. Unplug. Open the case up and try disconnecting all the drive's cables. If you've never done any hardware work in a computer, make special note of what cable(s) go where and in which direction the cables go in. Plug all the cables back in. Plub PC back in, start her up and see if that works.

Edit: Just saw that you've tried other discs and they worked.......that doesn't look too good for the one....
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