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Re: Help with unreadable DVDs

Well, I've tried rebooting, tried taking the disc in and out a few times, tried booting in safe mode. It's always the same disc, just ran about 10 or so of them through the drive, and they all worked, and then came back to the one that won't read and it's still dead.

I have a few rare Waits bootlegs on here, one that was just requested of me in a trade, so I'll be pretty pissed if it's the disc. I have not tried carrying it to a different computer yet, but I don't have any friends in the immediate area with a drive. The only other thing I could do at this point is bring it to a computer store and see if it reads there.

I don't know how Nero checks discs, but it could be that the program just sucks. It wouldn't surprise me.

I'm using a few different data recovery tools, but until my computer can actual recognize that there is a disc with data on it in the drive, they are useless. Even with a ruined disc, it should be able to see that there's something on there, no?
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