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Re: Help with unreadable DVDs

Originally Posted by bill_kate
i have had 1 out of 50 dvd discs i archived so far do this same thing. all of the rest worked fine. it verified when burned and when i went to grab a show off of it later it would not read. same exact scenario. my guess was the disc went bad. sucks to lose the shows that way. at least with cdr you only lose 700mb not 4gb.

what shows did you lose? maybe we can rally the troops and get them replaced.

YOu know until about a month ago I never thought about it, then one day I was like "fuck if I have one DVD go bad I can lose like 10 shows". Another thing I noticed, last week I was buring a ton of coasters nero kept failing verification. So finally after about my 10th bad burn, I copy everything on to the hard drive, make an md5 of both the files from the dvd and the files on my hard drive and they both match. I have afeeling there is something very wrong with the way nero nero checks DVDs.
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