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Re: Help with unreadable DVDs

How soon do you need the files RainDawg? There are certain things you can try...some short cause you can do them on your system...and some long cause you need a different system.
Honestly, some are going to read some of these and think I'm talking voodoo.
-I guess you've tried thee olde "reboot your computer" (if you're on a Windows platform). Amazingly, even my XP system responds to this once in awhile
-Have you tried relocating your DVD drive or opened your case to help it cool off? Had someone who's drive had problems from tower heat once the computer had been on for awhile.
-I've known of those clear plastic "static cling" things helping once in awhile, but that's usually when the disc is scratched-same thing for those disc "buffers"
-Have you tried a different drive (preferably in a different computer)
-Voodoo here-If the files aren't over the 4gig size limit, I've had limited success booting a Win98SE up in Safe Mode and accessing a bad disc
-Voodoo here, I actually had discs (when I was transferring all those CDR's over) that if I popped them back out, turned the disc in the tray a quarter turn, and reinserted would always read...but if I just popped the tray in and out without touching the disc it wouldn't read.
-If you look up "DVD recovery" in Yahoo or Google there are a number of recovery, I don't think any of them actually allow you to recover anything without paying for the program, but they do let you see if you can even see the disc, which gives you some diagnostics to work with.
-Same discs all the time? Or do you notice it randomly?

I think though, if you can hang out until you can get to someone elses drive to see if it can read the disc that's probably the best thing to do at this point.

BTW, have you ever used the Nero CD-DVD Test in the Toolbox section of Nero? Try the scan disc test on a couple of your discs that are good to see how they're holding up. I use it about once every 25 to 50 discs to get an idea how the "stack" I've bought is. You might be surprised to find discs that you read off of that report a bad sector now and then.
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