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Re: To shntool md5, or not to shntool md5

Originally Posted by katnapz
Yeah, I knew a guy back out of high school who was definately a 7...we even called him a monkey by the way he acted, but he was a 4 when it came to romantic relations...could just never settle...(well, he eventually did I heard but I don't know how that turned out)
Yeah, but multiple types is sort of a cop-out, now isn't it? Everyone's got one dominant ego fixation. This Seven girl I was talking about is a complete failure when it comes to responsibility. You have to expect her to be two hours late if she shows up at all. But always cheerful when she does! Her love life is a complete wreck, I think that in love you need somebody to share not only your happiness, but also your pain and a Seven has to escape from pain so they have tremendous difficulty in relationships.

oh yeah, here's the part where I say "sorry for the hijack"
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Here you are in a place of permanent madness, be careful!
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