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Re: To shntool md5, or not to shntool md5

Ok, hopefully only one more question....

I have a show that was previously torrented to STG in Feb 04. It is two discs and they are each in their own subfolder. When I run shntool on the master folder it doesn't recognize the shns in the subfolders. Do I run shntool for each subfolder and leave the txt files separate, do I combine them into one txt file....may RD has a different batch file to help?
The only reason I'm holding back on just pushing ahead is I don't know how this "big database in the sky" you want to do will work so I want to make my txt file compatible.
...or maybe I'll just post that Janis show I have as it's only one disc....anyone want "Port Chester Restoration Project" for Aug 8, 1970? I grabbed it from the shn newsgroup in Sep 2003...

Thanks for the help folks...
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