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Re: Banning of trade lists w/NFT items on it

Maybe you just have a problem with the wording. Lots of tapers hold things out of circulation as bait for things they really want. If no one knows you have it, no one will offer to trade for it. Maybe you'd prefer "rare trade" or something as opposed to "not for trade."

I prefer to just list it & ignore an offer if there's nothing I want that I'll trade it for.
And the shows I'm asked to not trade either get listed or they don't. Sometimes I list 'em just to document the show if there isn't an etree database entry for that show. Or I've contacted fan sites to tell them there is a recording of a certain date, although I usually don't point out that I have it.

I think it's good to have the info out there, even if the recording isn't.
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