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Re: Banning of trade lists w/NFT items on it

Appreciate your thoughts, rcspencer. However, if anything, it implies that no-trade items listed in a trade forum is an absurdity at best. Though, I have to admit, it's the easiest thing on earth to turn this around and throw a 'cry baby' into anyone's face that speaks out against the listing of stuff that is not for trade. "I use my online list as an inventory" Oh please..... I could list about 1500 master vids myself, all of them not for trade. Of course this would be for the sole purpose of keeping an online inventory only. For that I'd have exactly 2 words: Laughing stock.

Despite our different outlooks on the subject matter you were right about one thing: It saves me the time to even look at someones full list since I go straight into "have a nice day" mode.
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