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Re: Banning of trade lists w/NFT items on it

While there are more in his video section, it's still just a fraction of the total. Implies he has something you want & can't get. Seems most are his masters.

I use my online list as an inventory, as many others surely do as well. As such, it's not just for trades. I may list something as "not for trade" because I was requested to do so by whomever I traded/gave me the show (usually the taper him/her-self).

Those are the only shows I actually list as "NFT," although they might not be the only ones not traded. I tend to mark certain shows as "uncirculated" in my notes, and those are masters which I haven't seeded or traded, sometimes for certain reasons.

If anything, someone like your example is saving you time & effort. Either you're going to have to offer something of equal value or you have no chance to trade for a "NFT" show...either way he's saving you the trouble of asking.
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