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Re: To shntool md5, or not to shntool md5

Originally Posted by katnapz
-If I post FLAC, then make sure there's a fingerprint file. MD5 of any kind need not apply...unless the person is weird and would prefer to do a shntool file instead of fingerprint file
Right...FFP only is the best option for FLAC seeds. Shntool md5 would be OK, but redundant.

Originally Posted by katnapz
-If I post SHN, then create a shntool txt file and include it (creation name is fine). Wholefile md5's should be included if created with the original SHN's, well, just because there should be original md5's with SHN's
Yes, if the set was circulated with an md5, and you kept the files the same, the keep that in the torrent. But when you upload the seed, put the shntool md5 into the "fingerpring" window.

Originally Posted by katnapz
-If a post of a previous SHN torrent is done (from a different torrent site) that didn't have a shntool file, create one prior to torrenting it on TTD

Originally Posted by katnapz
-If a post of a previous FLAC torrent is done (from a different site) then it'd better have a fingerprint file from the previous posting
No, if you got a FLAC file that didn't contain a fingerprint file, but rather had a wholefile md5, create an ffp from what you have and delete the wholefile (after verifying it, of course). FFP is the required form of file verification for FLAC seeds here.

Originally Posted by katnapz
Bet you're just itching for me to go back to work on Monday so I leave you alone
Nah, I love the the fact that Technobabble has been active these past few days, thanks in large part to your posts. Any good technical discussion is great to have, and that's why I read and respond to almost every post here!
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