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Re: Video Seeding Guidelines

Originally Posted by mxz440fan
Anyone else find it redundant to include md5's
Personally, I think its bogus. BT already checks it. No one includes MD5's when they burn a dvd. Its just not necessary.
No, but what it will do is permit people to check if they have the version that was seeded here. Part of our goal is to provide some traceability back to our seeds, and the only way to do this is to store an md5-hash of the files so future traders can check back. I personally don't check them after downloading the DVD because, as you said, BT does it. But, when seeding, it's just good practice to start providing some kind of ability to check seeds further on down the line back to TTD.

Originally Posted by mxz440fan
As for audio codec information. This is video. Does anyone really care what codec's are needed for your dvd player to play it?
Yes, people do care. Just like MP3, WAV, etc, there are different audio codecs people use. I personally won't bother if it's a low bitrate MP2 with the DVD, but am more likely to grab it if I see LPCM. Simply put, this site was built on the concept of attracting people who DO care about nitpicky stuff like this.

Originally Posted by mxz440fan
I'm really hesitant to start seeding here just because of how strict things appear to be with video. Back on the groove, as long as it was seeded correctly and you had the best version being one gave a shit if you didn't include every last person who had it before you.
No one said anything about asking for every last person who had it before you, just about giving some complete information about what you have before seeding.
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