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Re: CRTC have passed the law that there is a limit

Originally Posted by Jeff Aspern View Post
Would this affect the satelite highspeed internet providers like explornet?
This only affected DSL, as Bell only offers DSL, cable and satelite wer not affected.

In fact, the CRTC decision is expected to be overturned:

Primus, my last ISP already scrapped the new usage based rates, but I left them and went to cable. 15 mb down, 1 mb up, unlimited usage for $55/month.
Never saw speeds like this. It's at least 3 times faster, no throttling.

At first I thought I was being seriously throttled, I placed my cursor over the utorrent balloon on the task tray-this way it shows the down and up speeds- and saw 1.3 something down, but didn't realize it was 1.3 mbps not kbps. Never saw anything higher than 500 kbps with Primus.
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