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Re: Video Seeding Guidelines

5. You need to make a lineage that contains the most information you can give it. In this case, it's not much, Aud-Shot > super 8mm film > VHSx > DVDR. Just something that people can glance at and figure out what this has been through, to the best of your knowledge.

6. This part looks fine to me already, I think you've done it right

7. NTSC is indeed the video system. We've asked for people to include the audio and video bitrates, and it's fairly simple to get these with a program called "GSpot". Here's a link to a quick tutorial I put up to help people get this information from their DVD:

I really appreciate your desire to seed here, and I'll help you make sure you get everything needed to get this seed rolling. Understand we're being a bit more picky here than other sites, but also hoping that we'll gain some respect in the community as a consequence.
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