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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

Well,That was quite the read....To be honest with you guys,I forgot the forums were even here for a long time...used to read them years ago..Stumbled back on to them a couple months ago...Gotta love a good freezer thread ....Read a few of them and then checked a few others out,not many I would post in or even bother goin back to......The banter back and forth between the few who post (and their covert names) can be funny at times but it gets old quick...The tagging gets kinda lame also,everyone trying to one up the next guy/gal.....then the trolling starts and it just becomes a bunch of 5th graders pointing at each other across the schoolyard,again,comical at times but how many times can you read "fixed that for you" in a forum post before it becomes assinine......I really think the main problem is that too few people even know the forums are here,I know its a stupid assumption,however,I mod over at LL and we moved the forums off the front page once and it slowed the whole forum post thing down....when it was put back posts increased,the whole out of sight out of mind thing....I dont know how the tracker works here but maybe putting the last 5 forums posted to(I think LL has 10) on the torrent page or index page(our tracker is set up so its on every page) would get you some exposure and bring in more people...just a thought....either way,thanks for reading and I am sure someone will quote me and put "fixed that for you" in the post......
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