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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

I never counted if I posted more in- or outside the Lounge, but Iīm sure, most of my posts happened in the proper ABT/VBT-sections and the Piano Bar. It might have something to do that I donīt have a say in many of the topics - American Politics, American Sports - and not how it is moderated. I donīt even have an alias so far.


"never understood the snobbishness over a microphone. I mean fuck, I killed 3 moose, 2 caribou and a bear by age 16, but I sure as hell don't go bragging about the gun used (.308). the point is to knock down the animal, not what you knock it down with.


(Ballsdeep, 2015-02-16)


Looking for any

Kaki King and Team Dresch

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