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Video Seeding Guidelines

Thanks for the forum. I just had a torrent pulled because, apparantly, i did not follow the video seeding guidelines. Could someone please help me clarify what i did wrong?

The thread sits in the "pulled" folder here -

I see that the identified problems were as follows:

5. All seeds must contain a complete and accurate lineage.
What would the proper lineage be if i simply extracted all files directly from the DVD onto my HD, into a titled folder?

6. All seeds must contain a correct md5 checksum of the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder.
I did have an md5 posted in the thread. Perhaps i did this incorrectly.

7. All seeds must include the video system (NTSC or PAL), audio codec and bitrate information in the info file.
I identified NTSC, which i believe to be the video system. I am not sure how to determine the video bitrate, audio codec, and audio bitrate, however. How do i do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I would like to get this down so i can seed video in the future.

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