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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

this ones a bit dissertation, sorry about that

Originally Posted by uni-fi View Post
With all due respect Aaron, aren't you usually one of the first to hop on the attack wagon at the site of a bad ratio? And like I said before, god forbid anyone attempt to defend that's all over after that. That is the type of stuff that makes people leave the lounge, and you sir are as guilty as all of us (me included).
i'd hardly say i was "the first one to hop on the attack wagon", but yes i've busted on some folks with bad ratios...but i think you'd find that many times i've defended someone new or that i know has bandwidth issues by pointing out you can contribute in other ways, if the problem truly is their ISP/speeds..offering vines, b&p's, freebies, etc -- all ways of giving back...other times when i mighta "crossed the line", yeah i made a mistake...and i see where the hostility has got us to in our GD forums

now, when someones on this site for 4 yrs, has d/l'ed 800GB and u/l'ed 20GB, hit & runs on every torrent, and ignores all suggestions to give back in other ways -- then yeah, they're just a thief and i got no problems callin em out

Originally Posted by uni-fi View Post
We understand what the issues are, but once again, you have reiterated the issues without any solution. We have 11 pages of this discussion with about 4 or 5 attempted solutions in it. So lets try to warm up to some of these, and quit with the incessant reiteration of the same old argument. The way I see it, at this point each person is either part of the problem, or part of the solution.
agreed, and i've reiterated my ideas for the solution numerous times, both here and in staff discussions...but i'll save that for later & comment on yer proposal since it seems my solution came off as "the same old argument"

Originally Posted by uni-fi View Post
- Sending out emails with the registration, and having a link to a welcome thread in the registration page, and then even sending out a PM to the current members with an invite will all generate new interest in the lounge.
got no problems with that, sounds good [although it could be massive amounts of work for staff, not sure how mass pm's wrk in our Admin panel]]

Originally Posted by uni-fi View Post
- Giving users a way to up their ratio outside of simply U/L is a great way to help out some of the bad ratio's around here. And you're not going to PW 500 posts in a day (well maybe some of the people around here could give that one a run for it's money)...But most of the people that have been around for a while that hang in the torrent section only have like 80 to 90 posts for 5 years. Let's not just be part of the problem, let's give them a solution, one that gets them hanging in the lounge and getting to know other people around here. Because obviously the charm that is exuded by the current members negates an incentive to keep people hanging around. And unless you're going to ban someone for being an asshole, I don't see how you're going to change that.
nope...we don't enforce ratios, and we certainly don't give u/l credits...thats something everyone on staff has always agreed upon

Originally Posted by uni-fi View Post
- Let's cull the trolling aliases. 90% of the lounge regulars have aliases that pop up from time to time, but there are only a select few that are used for trolling. We all know who they are...If that is a serious problem, kill it. I have no issues with aliases being used for fun, but outside of that, give them the axe.
agreed 100%...we do know who they are, and i don't think its hard to differentiate between the vast many that are just for fun & the handful who are just there to start shit

Originally Posted by uni-fi View Post
With that said, idle threats of leaving over something like not having enough stimulating conversation in the lounge, or enough PW's to keep it interesting enough for you is just as childish and immature as anything else here. Comments like that are what drive people away. If you want to call it a playground full of bully's, then why are you making threats to take your ball and go home? Once again, part of the problem or part of the solution...which one are you going to be?
no idle threats of taking my ball & going home, it obviously came off wrong from what i intended...i have no intentions leaving TTD, been on staff here longer than just about anyone [except Lynne], and care about this site more than most know [i rarely even trade anymore, but still want to see this hobby flourish and standards like TTD's continue to push boundaries]

what i meant by my comment was there's plenty more cool forums to go shoot the shit and PW at, if we're uninterested in bring back some life to our GD discussion areas like they used to be, then i can simply PW somewhere else...i still'd be here to mod the Tapers/SnailMail/Techno forums...oh and bust folks balls for shitty ratios

in addition to the suggestions you made above that i liked, i'll reiterate my proposed solution for all to see......

i'm NOT proposing making the Lounge some kid-friendly kum-ba-ya kinda love fest, i love the Lounge for what its always been...i love the TVheadassphuck side of it, the shit talking, the random crap we talk about, the good-natured feuds we have, the true friends i've made over the years from just PW'ing...and no i don't want to "go post in the Piano Bar", i'd just be talkin to myself about some obscure French pressing of a Throbbing Gristle 7" ...for me, this is just about making the Lounge more approachable and enojyable like it used to be -- very simple, not heavy handed in the least, and wouldn't require any additional staff as dcbullet does an excellent job overseein the Lounge

THE SOLUTION: ENFORCE THE RULES WE ALREADY HAVE IN PLACE, NO MATTER WHO THE OFFENDER special privileges - not for old school pw's, not for tapers, not for staff
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