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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
dude, I am not trying to "beat down every idea", but we're not going to pay people to post in the lounge. Surely, if you thought about it, you'd come to the conclusion that would very, very lame?

Don't confuse my participation in the thread as "beating down ideas". It is simply the case that no one has proposed anything that will attract more people to be lounge regulars.
Define 'lame'.

Surely it's crossed your mind that some people won't go in there for fear of being attacked because of their ratio.

And yes, I agree with you that you weren't "beating down ideas", you just tried beating me down by commenting on how i should know ratios are
just "informational" and that i should know better because of how long i've been here instead of discussing the idea i put forward. And you wonder why no one wants to go in there?

Several times you have been asked to put forward your ideas but each time you have managed to find your way around answering it. Perhaps we should call you sidestep because that's what you seem to be doing.
Originally Posted by pmonk
Originally Posted by Freezer
I heard obama was an inexperienced, terrible administrator who likely could never hack it in the private sector.
So you are like the Obama of TTD?
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