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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
The post you quoted, I was talking about ratios and how they are 100% unlrelated to the Lounge.
I am speaking in general terms...I am not speaking solely about the lounge either. However, the issue of not having people show up in the lounge is a numbers game. So group a few things together that is a positive outcome for everyone.

People coming to the lounge - Positive
People staying and posting in the lounge - Positive
People earning a small amount of share ratio, or at least an incentive to be there - Positive

Once you've made your first two hundred or so posts, you're pretty much hooked. It's getting people to make those posts that no one can seem to grasp.

I am not trying to beat the whole "give people incentives for posting in the lounge" to death, it was simply an idea of someone else's that had merit. I am certain that it would be more work than it was worth to track and whatnot.

However, your first sentence was directly related to posting in the lounge, and how your not going to give anyone an retort was, what is your idea??? You've beat down every idea that has been proposed, so what is your idea?

A simple link in an email will get them there, but it's not always rainbows and sunshine in there. Maybe an incentive is just the thing to keep people there long enough to see it for what it really is...A pretty cool place. You can make it anything you want, but if you (I mean everyone except you) want to increase the traffic in that section of the site, that is how it's going to get done the quickest, with the least negative impact.


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The DNC sucks.
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There is that unmistakable delicious air of animus wafting throughout the forum this evening
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