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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

i doubt i'm legally old enough to vote, so i won't.

certainly the best thread i've read in years.

i reckon loads of the bullies would love a chance to start again, turn a new page, consolidate all of their aliases into a new singular identity that had no history, no gripe with anyone, nothing to prove, and no scores to settle.

but there are dark forces lurking in the site's nebulous infrastructure. if those dark forces aren't prepared to let go the past, and they are in possession of certain powers, they can push you back into the hate-fuelled shenanigans that laid waste to your reputation previously.

of course, the majority of the powerful -- often invisible -- controllers are good at what they do, and driven only by honourable intentions. but what if a rogue element were to monitor your attempt to singularize your identity and change your ways, and then purposefully drive you back into the badlands (so that you became the Clint Eastwood character in Unforgiven). you know... you wanted to climb out of the pit, to lose the aliases and get chatting nicely with some new faces about the rock n roll, the zeppelin, the jazz, but the dark forces dragged you back into the pit.

and when they dragged you back in, they grabbed your trousers and pulled them down a little, exposing some of your arse. of course, passers-by will assume you're a site-labourer or a mechanic. they won't want to know what really inspires you.

if i think back to when i first joined the site, the Lounge was a million times better than it is now. there was an edginess, but it was great fun. one big change since then (IMHO) is that the big personalities from back then don't post as much as they used to.

another change, though, and the one that i believe has led to the rise of this particular thread, is that unitiated members seem more inclined to label aliases as Trolls these days, whereas in the past the vibe was such that people generally assumed that Aliases were created as characterizations serving purely comedic purposes.

obviously a small number of people that don't understand (or appreciate) characterization and the comedic purposes will instinctively refer to an alias as a Troll, but there were very few members like that back in, say, 2006, while there seems to be a lot more of them now; and, if there are more of them at a time when only about 30 or so people post regularly, it obviously creates a situation in which the old-style comedic-characterization-aliases fair pretty badly.

looking back into Lounge history there was one character progression (lineage) that i will never forget, and that was the TVHead>?>Dirt Shoes>Marshall Applewhite sequence. to me, this was classic Lounge, classic internet, and absolutely priceless... it would be a great shame if the members who view aliases only as Trolls were to represent the most prevalent opinion, because they would make such enjoyable Lounge moments impossible.

i also loved Mr T.

also, just having Lynne posting regularly in the Lounge as a willing participant kept things kinda cool. when the cat's away, the glamour puss will play.

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