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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by AAR.oner View Post
for the record, he's not the only one that thinks things need to change around GD...why is it everyone keeps ignoring the elephant in the room and avaoiding the points being made?

the issue isn't with being heavy-handed or adding mods or offering "incentives" as mentioned above, not is it with wolf's "experiment" by randomly deleting posts from the thread...the issues in the Lounge have been with blatant attacking/trolling on a regular basis, attacking new people posting for the first time [not in a friendly welcome-to-it kinda way], and an overall aggressive/negative vibe if ya will...i've noticed it become increasingly like a playground with some cool kids who bully anyone who comes near...and numerous people have left the GD areas because of it...this ain't junior high, we're all adults, and alot of it is just plain retarted!

there are many who might not see it that way, who weren't around in the earlier years...the Lounge has always had its share of bickering sure, the so&so vs so&so battles, but it was usually kept between the two and overall the forum was lively with dozens of regular pw's, lots of interesting conversation, etc...its been a steady decline, with many telling me personally they just didn't like how negative it was becoming...and i'll agree, its really losing the "fun" of pw'ing

if we're uninterested in making the place better, increasing the amount of characters in the Lounge, and are content with aliases talking to each other and the same "entitlement" rants over & over -- then i reckon i'ma just scoot on to somewhere's else to waste my work hours away...incessant picking at people and talking to the same half dozen folks about fuck all is boring
With all due respect Aaron, aren't you usually one of the first to hop on the attack wagon at the site of a bad ratio? And like I said before, god forbid anyone attempt to defend that's all over after that. That is the type of stuff that makes people leave the lounge, and you sir are as guilty as all of us (me included). We understand what the issues are, but once again, you have reiterated the issues without any solution. We have 11 pages of this discussion with about 4 or 5 attempted solutions in it. So lets try to warm up to some of these, and quit with the incessant reiteration of the same old argument. The way I see it, at this point each person is either part of the problem, or part of the solution. With that said...

- Sending out emails with the registration, and having a link to a welcome thread in the registration page, and then even sending out a PM to the current members with an invite will all generate new interest in the lounge.

- Giving users a way to up their ratio outside of simply U/L is a great way to help out some of the bad ratio's around here. And you're not going to PW 500 posts in a day (well maybe some of the people around here could give that one a run for it's money)...But most of the people that have been around for a while that hang in the torrent section only have like 80 to 90 posts for 5 years. Let's not just be part of the problem, let's give them a solution, one that gets them hanging in the lounge and getting to know other people around here. Because obviously the charm that is exuded by the current members negates an incentive to keep people hanging around. And unless you're going to ban someone for being an asshole, I don't see how you're going to change that.

- Let's cull the trolling aliases. 90% of the lounge regulars have aliases that pop up from time to time, but there are only a select few that are used for trolling. We all know who they are...If that is a serious problem, kill it. I have no issues with aliases being used for fun, but outside of that, give them the axe.

With that said, idle threats of leaving over something like not having enough stimulating conversation in the lounge, or enough PW's to keep it interesting enough for you is just as childish and immature as anything else here. Comments like that are what drive people away. If you want to call it a playground full of bully's, then why are you making threats to take your ball and go home? Once again, part of the problem or part of the solution...which one are you going to be?

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The DNC sucks.
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There is that unmistakable delicious air of animus wafting throughout the forum this evening
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