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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
yes, we would like to see everyone at 1:1 or better.

nothing happens if you aren't, though.

Some guy talking shit about your ratio isn't any different than some guy talking shit about your avatar or sig.
But we all know that a little ribbing about your avatar or sig comes and goes...but a shitty ratio is a long road for the casual admirer of the music that may not have much to offer yet. And god forbid they try to make a point of that...I know I am guilty of shit talking to a few people, and I know of many others that are just as guilty.

If I only came here for the music, and got bashed in the lounge the first time I stepped in there over something like my ratio, I would never come back.

But I do see your point.

So, if the ratio doesn't matter, why is there any negative argument toward credit for posting? A few gigs for a few hundred posts? Seems fair enough. For a shitty ratio, it's a way to get it better, and meet some of the old timers. Seems like a win win regardless of whether it's a bannable offense or not. Instead of just giving people shit over a shitty ratio, you can give someone shit, and then give them a way to improve it.

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The DNC sucks.
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There is that unmistakable delicious air of animus wafting throughout the forum this evening
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