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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

Originally Posted by daddyrayoll View Post
Are the the social groups hard to find here?.....
Not really.

is that a V bulletin set up issue?
I suppose there would be ways that would make them a bit more noticable.

I do not know about that stuff....
You're old, we don't expect you to understand all the gadgets and such.

they do not get much traffic, do they?
Mine didn't, I deleted it.

the few I'm in do not.
Not surprising. There are numerous discussion sub forums and that is where most of the discussion takes place.

I tried to keep that short and sweet as to keep it inside of what appears to be a mild case of old person ADD.

Did you get anything good for your birfday? Did HB send you an uncirculated FM show?
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