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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

Originally Posted by thebigguy View Post
I think, if you up the post count, you just found a good solution.

I did at the beginning suggest just create another subforum and move the shit to there. So the trolls and aliases can still have their fun, but outside of what should be the main discussion area, and we all can jump in and throw some shit around and poke some well known bears to see what we see. There are at least some people that have known me long enough to know the lounge started as little to no moderation, hands off forum at my insistence and not without having to fight for it. I love to partake in that, and have been banned here and elsewhere for pushing it too far. I get that and enjoy it, but 6 years later when I look at the site as a whole I just still see the discussion side needing help of some kind. And still think that the average music fan that wanders over there is likely going to wander out before meeting any posting requirements to see any forums or threads that have one. I am not for heavy handed moderation and have never been.

If rules are going to be posted, then adjust them to reflect what is to be expected and stay true to moderating it using them.

First thing I hoped to find out was if anyone else had feelings about it as a whole. There is a group of regulars don't want anything changed. Nothing shocking there, the ones that are doing just what I am saying, have on cue chimed in with why I am full of shit. They even had a hard time not bashing some people that I have never seen posting around the lounge, nor do I expect to see them posting anytime soon after that nice "hello, we asked for your input, but who the fuck are you and you don't know shit'.

I am more concerned with what new users or longtime lurkers see when they do venture over there. Some of the people that enjoy the fast pace and thick skin required lounge, are very different than when they post elsewhere.

Hoping there would be more ideas from others. Not just a thread of repetitive pro's and con's of moderation levels.

I fucking hate mods, always have. A necessary evil and I did my share of time modding the GD at STG and tried to not mod the lounge here in the beginning. Finally walked away because I did not want heavy moderation. Me stating that a discussion board may need more moderation is very similar to TVhead stating that a picture someone else posted might be inappropriate.

The only other idea I have is to just better use the place up top in regards to requirements. I still think that brothels and such serve the regulars, but do not serve the site in regards to people seeing what they see and not knowing anything else and not getting a chance to get to know some of the regulars in a way that reflects the non lounge side of their personality.

The thread was edited by Craig in the way he does, James scolded him and then Lynne laid down the law. Even that alone is enough to take a look at my comments regarding staff. But in the end they should at least be consistent, and the group should get along as a whole. Seems that is not the case here.
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