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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

Originally Posted by thebigguy View Post
Originally Posted by Zoooma View Post
Sometimes in a debate, when a person has no true argument, they'll just attack because they want to win and advance their agenda no matter what so the only thing they can do is marginalize the other person. These people and some others have no sense of decency, they simply do not know what mutual respect is all about, or they have so much hatred in them that they don't care. They're sad people who should be felt sorry for. Sometimes something like a fun and normally functioning forum can be quite uncomfortable and even downright unpleasant because of those people. They definitely need to be told what's what and shown the door if necessary.
Nice ratio.

I had a look at those Steve Hoffman forums, and yikes! I'll take irreverence over hard-core wankery any day. I prefer my unicorns slightly twisted but free to roam. YMMV.

I am all for giving people the respect they have earned, but if one earnestly posts in the lounge about liking Miley Cyrus, well...they would be foolish not to expect some negative attention.

When dealing with a lightly moderated forum, it's best not to take yourself or most anything that is said too seriously.

As far as the quality of the people who post there, see above. ^

That being said, it can't hurt anyone to be nicer. When all else fails there's always the ignore feature. Works for users, threads and forums.
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