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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
I think these are good points...

there will always be those who don't want to participate... like Hugo's wife thinks we are "retards" (or at least some of us). She's not wrong, really... the Lounge is a place where people can show their asses (though not literally ) without (much) fear of retribution.

What I cannot grasp is why some people would think they will be attacked just because they join in... if some shit is going on between Toys & freezer or me and freezer, that doesn't mean Toys and I are going to jump all over the next person that comes in.

There are many different social norms different people go by. I run into it all the time when working... something that is perfectly normal and benign to some will offend the hell out of others... being a (mostly) globally-accessible site, we're going to run into things like that from time to time.

I can tell Toys to go fuck himself and he'll get over it... it's not personal. To someone else, it would be an act of war or something.

The question, here, which I fear has no good answer:

How do we make the Lounge feel safe for 99% of people who lurk in it to participate (obviously there are several that read and don't chime in.. but continue to read) without dulling down the very dynamic that makes it so unique?

I mean, honestly, this site beats the shit out of most other torrent sites as far as community and personality goes... it may be disfunctional, but it ain't boring, by any means.
Good points. I see how a lot of people are assuming that it would lose all of its fun if any changes are made. Really if just these were addressed and taken care of, it would be good for the lounge.

That the staff follow the rules a bit more than the average user.
That the staff address the habitual trolls and try to employ anything that might help.
That aliases that are not just fun characters be banned.

I do not want a g-rated board and I love a lot of the things that others may find offensive and understand that the line is different for everyone.

I do maintain that there is an element there that is ugly and that it does nothing but bring more of it around. I do not think addressing these would or should equate to a speech regulated police state or would create any kind of boring discussion forum.

It is the lounge and will always be too crude for some, but doesn't need to allow people to do whatever they please.

As far as the back and forths between people, just keep those lovefests to one thread. IE - (Freezer loves James, Wolfie loves toys, anyone who is sick of bill_kate)

They can be very entertaining reads and I have picked up some great new insults to use when I am at an actual bar. Just keep em contained.

I am not for any sort of New Order Board.

Just get rid of the blatant obvious shit.
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