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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

Originally Posted by direwolf-pgh View Post
I'd like to point out that you can ignore an entire forum - with either self control or the assistance of forum tools.
If you enjoy the music - great. if you dont enjoy the banter - great.
Yes, and I can also ignore the posts of 'members' whom I find particularly annoying, etc- which I have done in the past. As I said, Wolf, sometimes there are some interesting MUSIC related discussions that take place in the Lounge- but it's a pain trying to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I compare this site to something like Steve Hoffman's forum...bullshit is kept to a minimum over at SHF. You're also a member there, I don't think that if the Lounge had that kind of moderation that it would be an improvement?

And, JamesKG, thanks for answering my question. To your response, I say, "Fair enough." But, again, considering the history, it was inevitable somebody was going to bring it up sooner or later.
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