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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

Originally Posted by The Wicker Man View Post
Actually, If you just got rid of aliases that would pretty much fix everythig. You get one account. Period.
I'd have to agree with this. No, I'm not a Den veteran like some of you -I've been here two and a half years or so- but in my time here I've been through the 'archives' as it were and from time to time there are actually some interesting discussions that take place in the Lounge, just as there are in the other sections of the forum. But, yeah, lately IMO the Lounge has become a bit of a cesspool (to the point where my wife has started calling this site "The Retard's Den"), seeing all the garbage posts, the incessant trolling and all the blatantly obvious 'alias' accounts.

I joined the Den 'cos of your mandate of quality music postings and many times have some of you seen me post something along the lines of, "Is this a music trading site or a fucking daycare?". Truth be told, I'd hate like hell to see the site's overall reputation being dragged down because of all the bullshit that goes down in the Lounge.

I'd say it needs to be moderated a bit better...this 'hands off' approach and letting the aliases run rampant ain't working. Actually moderate the damned thing, and set it up so you get one user per IP or however it's done and that would probably eliminate a lot of the problems. And outright ban the known troublemakers and shit disturbers- you know who they are.

And, again, knowing some of the history some of you have here, considering this is JamesKG's question, I have to ask, KG: this poll/issue wouldn't happen to have anything to do with your on/off battles with Freezer over the years, would it? I'm only asking- not trying to stir up any shit or anything. But, with all respect, knowing the history, I trust there is no hidden agenda here...
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