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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by rspencer View Post
The Poli Forum is a coffee shop, people sitting around discussing the latest news.

The Piano Bar is more of a record store. People sharing their latest finds, or their old faves.

And the Lounge is a bar. And all that that might entail. Smoking, drinking, a bit of crudity here & there. Some trash-talking, and the occasional real argument.

And what happens in a bar where you have bouncers hovering over you, waiting for you to break a rule or step ever so slightly out of line?

You quit going to that bar.
But if you went into a bar and started stalking people and just being ugly for the sake of being ugly, you would get kicked out or get your ass kicked then kicked out. Most of the crap would stop if the aliases were controlled better and people had to actually post using their primary account OR the complete troll aliases were taken care of.

The fact does remain that some of the worst aliases were created and allowed only to harass/stalk people.

The free-wheelin' feel of the Lounge is its magic. Straighten it up, get everybody to walk in a single file line, and you'll have the same boring GD forum every other message board has.
Don't need to go to that extreme. I have been a part of some boards that have fairly relaxed rules (but enforced) that remained interesting and active, just reduces the number of habitual trolls/jerks
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