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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

Originally Posted by lpfreak1170 View Post
I just don't like the "I should be able to say or do what I want" attitude that many of the posters seem to have.
So perhaps you'd engage in the forums if those people weren't around?

I might. What mainly keeps this TTD member out of the forums is lack of time. But I peeked in the forums earlier and lpfreak there is right. Should a few spoil it for the rest? Without limitations on attacks, that will inevitably happen, they will reign whilst squashing the crap out of people who dare take them on. Some will stay and fight but I know that I've walked away from forums because it gets so tiring dealing with the Jared Loughner's of the world. I HATE limitations on speech but speech can be used hatefully and viciously and some of those assfaces won't stop; they're sick, they need help and they'll drive people away. I don't love moderation but mayhaps it's a necessary evil that's not really necessarily an evil. Punish the assfaces if they can't play nice. Plain and simple. Do you want more good people in the forums? The only way to make that happen is pay them or get rid of the sad pieces of crap who ruin it for the rest.
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