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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
That is an unfair and uninformed statement.
That is your opinion and quite honestly you are one of the ones I am referring to. I like you and most of what I see you post and the way I have seen you mod is pretty much a what you see is what you get, great way to be. Everyone quickly realizes where you stand.

The other side though James is, when someone pisses you off or you appear to not like them, you seem to post after them often and IMO take those differences from one thread to another.

I know I can't bring this up without pissing a few off and I will say I feel that you are one of the ones from the beginning that has responded and participated in the discussion. I appreciate that.

I like TVHead and think he is a valuable contributor... but ask him how many of his posts I have deleted because they were over the line.
I do not doubt that. I agree and do like TV as well. I fought for him not to be banned along with some others in the beginning here and at STG. But I also think for the most part TVs over the top posts are reactionary.

Again I think TV has been on both sides as well. Trolling and being trolled. So you can't really single him out anymore than you can single Art out as being a problem user, they are just acting within the environment in the same way others are and seemingly within what is acceptable in the lounge.

I will tell you this, when you start deleting people's posts, they stop posting because they begin to feel like they are wasting their time if their stuff might just disappear because someone else didnt; like it.

That's a shitty was to run a discussion forum and it is destructive.
I have modded enough and been an admin at 2 sites, and tried many things from heavy handed to hands off, I can tell you by allowing the rules to be broken, and participating in breaking the rules if you are on staff. It is also a shitty way to run a discussion forum and it is destructive too.
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